From sea squirts to healthy feed

Our process to make the nutritient rich feed ingredient Cionameal is very simple, but still
very unique. We are proud to be able to work close to the nature and to avoid using tools and
methods that can harm the vulnerable ecosystem in the ocean.

1. Cultivation

Marine Feed cultivates the sea squirts in the open sea outside the Swedish west coast. Growing under the water at ropes hanging from buoys, the cultivating of sea squirts is very similar to that of mussel farming. The method is governed by environmental permissions and totally natural – there is no need of fertilizers or pesticidesto make the sea squirts grow.

2. Harvesting

The sea squirts are fast-growing and can be harvested in large amounts from September to April. We transport them to shore by boat and then start the processing immediately.

3. Production

Our production plant is located in Stenungsund, about 30 minutes drive north of Gothenburg. The biomass is boiled, dewatered and thereafter dried. The energy comes from waste heat, through district heating, to minimize the environmental impact which gives the production a very low carbon foot-print. The last step is milling the material into desired size. Thus, you can receive the Ciona meal the way you want it – or grind it yourself.

4. The test phase

Marine Feed gives you all the support and cooperation needed before you decide on our product. We offer free samples for testing and trying out. The Ciona meal is recommended as a complement ingredient to different kinds of feeds. But it can be used in a wide range, from a few percent up to 100%, depending on your desired final product.

5. Delivery

When you are ready to order we prepare and pack your product in the size you prefer, from bags of 25 kg up to 1 ton. Transportation is made in the most sustainable way and with all the product guarantee included.

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