Nutrient removal

Does your company, or project, need an environmental permit for nutrient emissions? We can cultivate Ciona to compensate your emissions. Ciona cultivation removes up to 2 tonnes of nitrogen per hectare and year.

Overfertilization of coastal waters is a huge problem in many parts of the world. The reason is too much nitrogen and phosphorus leaking from the society, which can result in adverse effects such as heavily disturbed ecosystems and in worst case dead bottoms.

Marine Feed now offer companies and local authorities to compensate for nitrogen and phosp-
horus emissions that are difficult, or impossible, to avoid. The emissions often comes from
construction work, farming and different types of industries.

How it works

The nutrients are built into the tissue of the sea squirts, from the phytoplankton they are filtering. When biomass is harvested the nutrients are removed from the sea. Furthermore, our cultivation make the sea water more clear since the sea squirts are experts in filtering water.

As we see it, your compensation measure is our contribution to save our waters for the future. Do you want to join us?

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Inspired by the airlines

Nutrient removal compensation is inspired by flight emission compensation in which airline passengers can voluntarily compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of their flight.

The method of compensatory nutrient removal is supported by several spokespersons within science and politics and has been proposed to become law in some European countries  within the near future.



Fish-Free Fish Feed
A sustainable and organic feed ingredient
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