Ciona feed

Our coming up product is our very own 100 % organic fish feed based on the sea squirt
Ciona Intestinalis. Cionafeed is especially suitable for ornamental fish and public aquaria.

At the moment we are developing and testing different varieties of the product such as flakes, pellets and frozen substance. Our goal is to have the feed product on the market during 2020.

Follow our journey!

Ciona Feed for organic fishes



Fish-Free Fish Feed
A sustainable and organic feed ingredient
from the Swedish West Coast



Contact us

Fredrik Norén, Founder, RnD manager,

Olle Stenberg, CEO,

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Marine Feed Sweden AB
Ängsvägen 12
SE-444 31 Stenungsund

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EU project: EUFutureAqua

EU project: AquaBioProFit

Swedish VINNOVA: 5-tonnes-green-fish-in-dish

Swedish HaV: Blue nutrient harvest

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