About Marine Feed

Marine Feed offers a new unique organic protein ingredient with zero carbon footprint to the growing fish feed market. The product is produced by cultivating fast-growing marine filter-feeders, tunicates, in European waters.

The company started in 2009. Ecological assessments were conducted 2010-2012 and proved that tunicate culturing was not negative to the marine environment and removed substantial amounts of nutrients from the sea. Thereafter a 2.4 M€ EU/KIC funded project developed and verified demonstration scale culturing and harvest at the Swedish west coast.

The market was, however, not ready for our first product (biogas substrates). But we had indications that the tunicates had a favourable nutritional profile as fish-feed.

Marine Feed changed 2015 to feed ingredients and has in two projects verified the potential of tunicate meal as feed ingredient in fish, pigs and chickens. Now, two ongoing EU projects are developing tunicate meal as fish feed ingredient. Marine Feed has equipment and process facilities to handle up to 1 ton of raw material daily.