As the first company in the world, we can offer custom made products from Ciona intestinalis according to your needs.

Such as:

  • Fresh Ciona intestinalis for research or development. Shipping by courier or express.
  • Bulk Ciona intestinalis stored the way you want it (e.g. frozen, dried, ensilage, preservation, et.c. )
  • Fractionated Ciona intestinalis: The exclusive lignine-free nanocellulose containing outer tunic or the proteinous inner body.
  • Blood samples or tissue samples
  • Different occuring species of tunicates from the region (western Sweden)
  • Manually harvested Ciona
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Fredrik Norén, Founder, RnD manager,

Olle Stenberg, CEO,

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Marine Feed Sweden AB
Ängsvägen 12
SE-444 31 Stenungsund

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