Our dedicated team

Behind Marine Feed you will find a dedicated team with long experience from marine science, fisheries industry and feed production.

Our mission is to find sustainable solutions for the fish feed industry by using sea squirts as a raw material. We are also engaged in the food market through our sister company Marine Taste, where we sell delicious umami taste enhancers made from Ciona intestinalis. The production of umami is integrated with the production of feed ingredients. This 100 % usage of the Ciona is one of the reasons we have so small carbon footprint of the feed ingredient.
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Marine Feed changed 2015 to feed ingredients and has in two projects verified the potential of tunicate meal as feed ingredient in fish, pigs and chickens. Now, two ongoing EU projects are developing tunicate meal as fish feed ingredient. Marine Feed has equipment and process facilities to handle up to 1 ton of raw material daily.

From left:
Rickard Fjellsson (Manager Culturing and Harvest), Fredrik Norén (Founder, RnD Manager), Olle Stenberg (CEO) and Carsten Olsson (Chairman of the board).

Missing on picture: Mattias Surminen (Production technician), Cecilia Tivert Stenberg and Katja Norén.

The team also includes short, or long-term, employed harvesters, sea-workers, consultants, technicians, students and family workers.

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Fredrik Norén, Founder, RnD manager, fredrik@marinefeed.com

Olle Stenberg, CEO, olle@marinefeed.com

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Marine Feed Sweden AB
Ängsvägen 12
SE-444 31 Stenungsund

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EU project: EUFutureAqua

EU project: AquaBioProFit

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