A sustainable resource from a healthy sea.
Made of 100 % sea squirts.



We offer sustainable
products made of sea squirts.

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Ciona meal

The sustainable alternative to marine feed ingredients Ciona meal is a novel marine feed ingredient from the Swedish west coast. The raw material is Ciona intestinalis, a proud member of the sea squirt family. We cultivate the sea squirts in open water. After harvest, they become a 100 % organic product in a zero emission circular system.

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Tunicate meal


Our coming up product is our very own 100 % organic fish feed based on the sea squirt Ciona Intestinalis. Cionafeed is especially suitable for ornamental fish and public aquaria.
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Ciona Feed for organic fishes

Nutrient removal

Does your company, or project, need an environmental permit for nutrient emissions? Or want to lower you nitrogen load on the sea.
Then we can cultivate Ciona to compensate your emissions. Ciona cultivation removes up to 2 tonnes of nitrogen per hectare and year.
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Nutrient uptake

Custom made Ciona products

Fresh, dried or fractionated Ciona intestinalis? We serve all Your needs of this high-potential biomass.

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