Fish-Free Fish Feed

Sustainable and organic feed ingredient from the Swedish West Coast

Negative Carbon Footprint when removing nutrients from the sea

Otherwise, very low:
0.1 – 0.3 kg CO2e / kg Ciona meal

Marine Feed are culturing and harvesting a fast-growing marine biomass in large scale to produce a truly sustainable, zero CO2 emitting, nitrogen removing and nutritious fish feed ingredient. This unique process will be organically certified and has raised much interest from the fish and feed industry since other novel proteins are expensive or hard to get in larger amounts.

Our innovation can help to solve this need from the market, as well as increase the EU production of sustainable aquaculture products and to reach a climate neutral continent 2050.

We have conducted, and passed, all necessary environmental assessments for the culture. No fertilizers or pesticides are used in the production and the growth occurs all the year around, no extra water needed.

The produced feed ingredient has been successfully tested at a Norwegian institute where half of the fish meal was replaced with our product. Test has also been done on pigs and chickens with good results, but we aim for the fish feed market. In the project we shall ramp up the production and reach the Europe market for organic fish feed. A successful project is the start of a new European aquaculture.